Unlocking the Potential of Natural Stone in Construction

We are driven by our passion to see natural stone utilised thoughtfully and respectfully into designs that future generations can enjoy.

ABF Stone Consultancy is your premier natural stone consultancy serving the construction and built environment sector.

Though primarily focused on London and the UK, our services extend beyond geographical boundaries, driven by evolving opportunities to build relationships and work with others.

We cater to developers, project managers, architects, main and sub – contractors, delivering expert guidance in stone selection and usage.

Helping businesses provide sustainable stone solutions.


We need to act now.

The built environment sector is recognised as being a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and the industry is starting to respond, making positive steps to change this.

Natural stone, with zero embodied carbon at its source, offers designers and developers a great opportunity to reduce the embodied carbon associated with new building or development. The favourable technical characteristics of stone can also make it ideal for reuse or repurposing. Let’s collaborate and create A Better Future.

“We offer invaluable insights into sourcing appropriate stone, fabrication, aspects of design and quality control through to the innovative use of natural stone.”

Let's work together

While we can work at any stage of a project, we encourage clients to get us involved at the early stages, as this typically allows a greater number of design and procurement options to be considered and evaluated against their key project drivers