Appreciating our
natural world.

At ABF Stone, our purpose is to enrich your understanding and appreciation of natural stone through our expertise and specialisation.

We do this by listening to your requirements first, before providing you with tailored professional guidance, ensuring the seamless and risk-free integration of stone into your project.

 –  Darren Anderson, ABF Stone Consultancy.


Our people-focused approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of project requirements, encompassing methods of fixing and the stone and, in the case of facades, design aspects from backing wall to the front face of the stone.

It is our endeavour to offer invaluable insights into the industry with respect to sourcing appropriate stone, fabrication, aspects of design and quality control through to the innovative use of natural stone.


Our purpose, the “why?” behind ABF Stone, is driven by our passion to see this natural material with zero embodied carbon and its exceptional range of visual and technical properties being incorporated thoughtfully and respectfully into building and landscape designs. 

We collaborate with project teams to deliver stone projects that enhance the built environment and create places and spaces that people can enjoy for years to come.

We aim to inspire designers to choose stone when it comes to their projects and work together with us to create thoughtful and low embodied carbon designs. 

Together, we discover
what's possible.