Who we are

ABF Stone Consultancy is your premier natural stone consultancy serving the construction and built environment industry.


We desire to contribute to reducing the embodied carbon associated with the selection, design, fabrication and construction elements of a stone project.

Where sustainability is a pivotal ingredient of a project, it is our preference to become involved at an early concept stage where, using our deep knowledge and experience of stone types and designing with stone, we can contribute to identifying the low embodied carbon design options that align with the client’s requirements.

Working with you

Moreover, we educate and inform those unacquainted with using stone, assisting our clients and project teams in making informed decisions together.

Recognising that sustainability often originates from the client’s vision, we are dedicated to bridging the gap between their aspirations and environmentally responsible choices.


The consultancy is run by Darren Anderson, a Chartered Geologist with over 25 years of industry experience covering a wide range of stone types, projects and ways in which stone has been used in the construction sector.