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Our primary service is to provide our clients with a positive experience of using stone in construction projects. 


The services offered by ABF Stone are wide-ranging and aimed at empowering the client to make well-informed decisions and, most importantly, have a positive experience of using natural stone, be it for external use in facades or hard landscaping, or internal use as wall lining or floor finishes.  

The sustainable use of natural stone and low embodied carbon construction is at the heart of our approach when it comes to using natural stone in construction, recognising there are opportunities for us to help improve the green credentials of a building or a landscaped area. 

Popular Services

Our services cover the critical aspects of using stone in construction projects, such as: 

  • the identification, selection and technical verification of suitable stone types
  • identifying suitable fabricators and fabrication methods
  • setting acceptable range parameters for the stone to be supplied 
  • design advice and solutions 
  • provision of specifications clauses tailored to the project design requirements, or review of architects specifications.
  • architect and sub-contractor drawing reviews.
  • Site visits to inspect the installation of the stone work.  

We aim to educate and guide clients and designers on how to embrace the natural and exceptional qualities of natural stone, as well as recognise its impressive sustainability credentials, to enhance their project and the built environment for many years to come. 

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While we can work at any stage of a project, we encourage clients to get us involved at the early stages, as this typically allows a greater number of design and procurement options to be considered and evaluated against their key project drivers