Defect and
Failure Investigations

Resolve the impact of defects in your stone finishes.

Preparing forthe worst

It would be great if defects or failures in stone finishes did not occur, but they do and when they do, they leave a client with an unplanned problem to resolve as expeditiously as possible, if the impact on a project / programme, building owners or the occupier of the space are to be minimised or removed.

How we can help

ABF Stone can assist, working collaboratively with clients, project teams or other parties to identify the cause, or possible causes, of the defect or failure in stone finishes and bring solutions to the table.

Our detailed knowledge and experience of a wide array of stone types, an appreciation and respect for the unique characteristic of a stone and the methods of construction, contribute positively to being able to identify causes and remedial solutions.

Fixing theproblem

We have experienve of failures of stone finishes. Examples during construction or in service include surface staining, discolouration and / or spalling, cracking, displacement or compromised fixing or attachment.

Such defects have been witnessed in exterior and interior applications and are not always related to the stone not being fit for purpose, but the overall design or installation of the system associated with the stone finish.


Identifying the cause of the problem is critical if long term solutions are to be found. ABF Stone can assist you with this.

In the case of a litigation, we can also provide an expert opinion and produce expert reports.