New Buildings

The success of using stone relies on understanding its characteristics, identifying its positive attributes and constraints and then designing to its strengths. 


Natural stone has zero embodied carbon at its source, offering designers a material with good sustainability credentials along with an impressive array of colours, textures and visual characteristics to choose from, as well as a variety of ways to create architecturally pleasing structures and finishes.

How we can help

ABF Stone has extensive experience and technical knowledge of using natural stone in the construction sector for all manner of applications such as external cladding, hard landscaping, interior lining or flooring.

We can help clients and project teams in the following ways: 

  • Identifying technically suitable stone options while giving due consideration to other project requirements such as aesthetics, budget and programme. We can interpret available technical data or specify project-specific testing for assessment and verification purposes.
  • Review the source of the stone by visiting the quarry to obtain a better understanding of block availability, sizes, extraction methods etc.
  • Offer insights with regards fabrication processes and methods appropriate to the design.
  • Assist with setting a realistic and reasonable visual range.
  • Provide or review specification clauses associated with stone.
  • Review and comment on architect or sub-contractor stone details.
  • Attend design meetings.
  • Site visits to check the installation of the stone complies with the design.


Our technical expertise can be applied to any stage of a new build project, be it pre- or post-contract, typically working for developers, architects, main contractors or sub-contractors, and with the aim of promoting the pragmatic use of this natural material.

Contact us today to discover in more detail how we can assist you on your next project.